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Family Vacation Photos | Englewood, Colorado

There are a few things that make me nervous when it comes to photo shoots. My number one concern is lighting and number two is unpredictable children. When I found out I would be shooting the D’s family photos at 10 a.m. with a 5 year old and a 2 year old I didn’t know what to expect. In an ideal world I would hold every session an hour or two before sunset when lighting conditions are perfect. I do my best to shoot as far away from noon as possible but I don’t always get so lucky.

The D family were vacationing from California and they rented a beautiful home in Englewood, CO. I was incredibly relieved when I arrived to find a large portion of the yard covered in solid shade. I felt even more relief when I met the two incredibly well behaved little ones.

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I was told that this lovely two year old loved to follow rules and the family told her I was the teacher for the day. She was all smiles!

Todler Photography Little girl+

Aren’t their outfits great?! I love the perfect coordination of their well planned outfits and it’s nice that they aren’t too “matchy matchy”.

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This little guy would flash the cheesiest grin at me any chance he got but I was lucky to catch him off guard on multiple occasions.

Shy Little Boy with Mother+

His sister just took her senior photos and was obviously well prepared for some solo shots.

Highschool Senior Girl+

Grandma and grandpa were amazingly spunky and kept up with the children throughout the session. I’m really in love with this photo of them! I even had a photographer friend tell me it looked like it belonged on the cover of a brochure. Hey… I’ll take that as a compliment.

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Grandma Lifting Grandaughter Pose+

This was such an amazing family to work with!

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